SWIMMING — Port Otters Gala Returns After Three-Year Gap

10 August, 2022 | Sport

PORT Glasgow Otters held their gala at the Waterfront Leisure Complex, Greenock.

The event was taking place for the first time in three years, having been absent because of the covid pandemic.

A very exciting day was enjoyed by everyone and presentations were made by the club’s special friends and major benefactors, Provost Drew McKenzie, Helen Calvert, Aileen Ward (Craigmarloch School), Andrew McKenzie (SDS), Ann McPhail, Jackie and Billy Hawthorne and Marion and Ian Strachan.


Louis Nugent Cup (beginners’ breadth) — 1st Joey Doak, 2nd Archie Ward, 3rd Ethan Hepburn

Alex Calvert Cup (beginners’ length) — 1st Aimee Philips, 2nd Emma McEwan, 3rd Robbie Wallace

Comet Cup (25m freestyle) — 1st Zak Gallacher, 2nd Kian McLean, 3rd Ruairidh Craynor

St Gabriel’s Cup (25m freestyle) — 1st Courtney Clark, 2nd Lindi Steele, 3rd Emma Thompson

Peter Stanton Cup (25m backstroke) — 1st Mollie Rowles, 2nd Tommy McNair

McKern Cup (100m individual medley) — 1st Aimee Hagan, 2nd Isaac Dunning, 3rd Ross O’Donnell

Medley Award (75m individual medley) — 1st Katy Boyle, 2nd Eve Cushnaghan, 3rd Kyle Brotherton

PGO Novice Cup (25m backstroke) — 1st Kellyanne Devaney, 2nd Lindi Steele, 3rd Jacqueline Hearl

Harbeson Cup (25m backstroke) — 1st Zak Gallacher, 2nd Courtney Clark, 3rd Kian McLean

Jack English Trophy (50m backstroke) — 1st Aimee Hagan, 2nd Jordyn Fitzharris, 3rd Adam Parker

Craigmarloch Trophy (50m backstroke) — 1st Isaac Dunning, 2nd Katy Boyle, 3rd Kyle Brotherton

George Polea Cup (25m breaststroke) — 1st Zak Gallacher, 2nd Mollie Rowles, 3rd Emma Thompson

Tuesday Belles Shield (50m butterfly) — 1st Aimee Hagan, 2nd Richard Browning, 3rd Paula Carroll

Lodge 1121 (50m freestyle) — 1st Kyle Brotherton, 2nd Eve Cushnaghan

Jean Street Cup (50m breaststroke) — 1st Paige McLean, 2nd Adam Parker, 3rd Jordyn Fitzharris and Lee Morrison (Joint)

St Stephen’s High School Cup (50m freestyle) — 1st Isaac Dunning, 2nd Kyle Brotherton, 3rd Richard Browning

Gary Gallacher Cup (50m Ffreestyle) — 1st Paige McLean, 2nd Adam Parker, 3rd Jordyn Fitzharris

Joe Ward Cup (100m freestyle) — 1st Ross O’Donnell, 2nd Katy Boyle, 3rd Paula Carroll and Chris Dillon (Joint)

Millennium Plate (100m freestyle) — 1st Eve Cushnaghan, 2nd Isaac Dunning, 3rd Richard Browning

Annual Merit Awards

Endeavour Girl –- Aimee Philips
Endeavour Boy –- Kian McLean
Overcoming Adversity Boy –- Caleb Canning
Overcoming Adversity Girl –- Lily Pelosi

Junior Girl Champion -– Paige McLean
Junior Boy Champion –- Zak Gallacher
Female Club Champion –- Aimee Hagan
Male Club Champion -– Richard Browning

Outstanding Contribution -– Isaac Dunning
Most Improved Swimmer -– Kellyanne Devenay
Lee McDaid Trophy -– Ethan Hepburn
Dedication Awards -– Katy Boyle, Jordyn Fitzharris, Stephen Coyle, Chris Dillon and Lee Morrison

Janice Eaglesham Cup — Kyle Brotherton
John Boyle Memorial Shield Special Award — Emma McEwan,
Jimmy Strachan Memorial Shield Special Award — Archie Ward
Peter Hearl Memorial Shield Special Award — Ross O’Donnell

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