Inverclyde Now Logo POLICE Threaten To Seize Cars In Crackdown On Anti-Social Driving

6 July, 2020 | Local

ANTI-social drivers in Inverclyde risk having their vehicles being impounded, police have warned.

Officers are using anti-social behaviour legislation to crack down on nuisance motorists following complaints from residents.

A motorist was stopped on Patrick Street, Greenock on Saturday afternoon and an anti-social behaviour notice issued against him and the vehicle after he accelerated harshly to induce backfire.

Sergeant Jason Logdson said: “If this vehicle or the driver is found to be driving in an anti-social manner again in the next 12 months, police will impound the vehicle.”

Other issues raised by members of the public include speeding and racing, loud engine revving and wheel-spinning.

Police are appealing for members of the public to report cars repeatedly being driven in an anti-social manner on 101.

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