PLAN To Welcome More Afghan Families To Inverclyde

14 September, 2021 | Local

INVERCLYDE looks set to offer homes to a further 28 refugee families from Afghanistan.

Council officials are asking councillors to approve the proposal.

Inverclyde “responded without delay” in April this year under the latest UK Government relocation scheme by offering accommodation and support.

A report updating councillors states: “Most recently six Afghan families consisting of 33 individuals have arrived in Inverclyde and are supported by the health and social care partnership and wider council services.

“It is worthy of note that these families are receiving warm support from the people and communities of Greenock and Port Glasgow where they settled.

“At the same time as offering ongoing support to refugees from earlier resettlement schemes, it is proposed that Inverclyde extend our offer of support and resettlement opportunities to a further six families before the end of October 2021 and agreement is given to develop plans to commit to support further Afghan families up to a total of 28 families.

“This will involve an offer of support and resettlement to as many as 140 individuals fleeing the humanitarian crisis of their home country.

If councillors agree, a more detailed report will be produced about how services will be developed and deployed to ensure adequate support arrangements are in place.

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