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22 September, 2020 | Clyde Shipping

HMS Dragon at Clyde Naval Base ahead of a previous Joint Warrior Exercise.

THE Clyde is set to host elements of a major UK-led multi-national exercise when Joint Warrior gets underway, with navy ships starting to arrive next week.

One of the largest military practices of its kind in Europe, Joint Warrior will run from 4 to 15 October 4 to 15, with several of the participating vessels departing from Glasgow and Faslane.

Eight frigates from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France and Portugal will arrive at King George V Docks in Glasgow between 30 September and 4 October with two UK vessels and one US ship stopping in at Faslane before joining the exercise.

Vessels alongside at Clyde Naval Base for a previous Joint Warrior exercise

Eleven nations, (ten NATO and one non-NATO) will take part, bringing 28 warships, two submarines, 81 aircraft and over 6,000 military personnel including 130 ground troops to military ranges across the country and to maritime exercise areas off the east, west and north coasts of Scotland.

The exercise, which takes place twice a year, in the spring and autumn, is designed, planned and delivered by the Joint Tactical Exercise Planning Staff (JTEPS) based at Northwood in London who will deploy to HM Naval Base Clyde to co-ordinate events during the fortnight.

Joint Warrior 20-02 will form part of a wider “Groupex”, which will run from 21 September to 15 October. This is the UK Carrier Strike Group led by HMS Queen Elizabeth with training taking place mainly off the east coast of Scotland.

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