INCREASE In Those Receiving Flu Vaccine In Inverclyde

19 February, 2021 | Local

FOUR in every five people aged over 60 in Inverclyde accepted a flu vaccination this winter, health staff have confirmed.

A report updating Inverclyde councillors states that more than 13,000 vaccinations were delivered to those over 60, representing an uptake of 82 per cent.

This compared with the normal level of around 73 per cent.

The majority of Inverclyde’s flu vaccinations were delivered within community venues to enable social distancing and ensure delivery of the anticipated increased demand.

The venues used were Gamble Halls, Port Glasgow Town Hall, Greenock Town Hall and Kilmacolm Community Centre.

Of those under 65 considered at-risk, just over half were vaccinated, also higher than usual.

The flu programme for health and social care staff was “challenging” because of social distancing. The level achieved was just below the 60 per cent target.

A further session was planned for any remaining staff still wishing a vaccination.

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