HOUSE With Wild Green Roof Can Be ‘Planted’ At Greenock West End Corner Site

23 March, 2021 | Local, Planning

PLANNERS have given permission for a new Greenock West End house featuring a roof covered in vegetation.

Inverclyde Council has agreed that the single-storey, two-bedroom detached property can be built in the grounds of a villa at 38 Robertson Street, on the corner with Newton Street.

Above, the Robertson Street site currently, and, below, how it is expected to look

A design statement by Quigley Architects explained: “Very careful consideration has been taken with the impact of the design in an effort to preservethe visual integrity of Robertson and Newton Street as well as to enhance the context of the villa.

“The house has been designed in order to predominately hide behind the existing blond sandstone wall which will be refurbished.”

It continues: “Only a wild green roof will be visible in order to enhance the aspect and outlook of the surrounding properties as well as providing a level of sustainability wholly compatible with our global responsibilities.

“Through the introduction of the [flowering plant] ‘sedum’ roof, the building itself becomes an extension of the landscaping in order to preserve and enhance existing views.”

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