Inverclyde Now Logo FAMILY’S Delight After Missing Chihuahua Found At 3am

14 September, 2020 | Local

Kimchi, right, taking it easy at home today after her ordeal

THE owners of a dog which went missing in Greenock’s West End have been reunited with their much-loved pet.

Kimchi chihuahua ran off and Saturday afternoon prompting a frantic social media effort to try and trace her.

A member of the family said: “She was found at 3am today (Monday) by a man whose dog sniffed her out hiding behind some plantpots and returned her to us this morning.

“He came home from work and let his dog out and the dog ran straight to her; she must have been confused and just moving from hiding spot to hiding spot. We got really lucky.”

She added: “The man only recognised her because of seeing her picture being shared.

“We are eternally grateful to everyone for liking, sharing, going out to look for her and all their kind words over the weekend. The community has really shown her a lot of love.

“Kimchi is safe and happy, with a belly full of chicken and sleeping off her ordeal.”

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