UPDATE From Girlguiding Greenock

Greenock Division of Girlguiding celebrated Thinking Day in Greenock Town Hall. 

Invited guests from all other youth organisations were in attendance along with Girlguiding Renfrewshire’s County Commissioner Christine McLachlan, Inverclyde Provost Robert Moran, Councillor Ciano Rebecchi and members of the Trefoil Guild. 

The celebrations were introduced by Division Commissioner Norma Ramsey and led by the Rev Anne Knox. 

The girls sang several songs led by the Guide Choir and thought about how to increase the sizes of their units by writing their ideas on leaves. 

At the end of the celebration everyone was invited to take home a mini pot containing a sunflower seed planted in compost to grow over the summer. 

The division thank all the volunteers who helped in preparing for this event and making it successful

Valentine's Day

The 3rd Finnart Rainbows made their own love heart flowers. They made each heart petal individually and then glued them together to create the flower. 

The 27th Greenock Guides also had love in the air as they all designed and made their own unique heart decorations.

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