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4 December, 2019 | Other Sports

MORE than 70 members, guests and club sponsors attended Gourock Bowling Club’s annual presentation of prizes.

They were welcomed by club president James Madden and, after a delicious three-course dinner and the presentation, the company was entertained by speaker Malky McKechnie.



Championship — R Swankie; (Runner-up: G Greenway)

President’s — J Madden; (Runner-up: K Haslam)

Mackay — L McDowall; (Runner-up: F Watt)

John Sharp — R Swankie; (Runner-up: G Greenway)

Seniors — G Greenway; (Runner-up: G Hepburn)

Two-Bowl Singles — L McDowall; (Runner-up: G Paterick)

Veterans — L McDowall; (Runner-up: D Stevenson)

Nominated Pairs — J Madden, K Haslam; (Runners-up: J Twaddle, G Greenway)

Club Pairs — D Stevenson, K Haslam; (Runners-up: R Kilpatrick, J Reid)

Two-Bowl Pairs — J McNeil, I Love; (Runners-up: D Sykes, J Madden)

Three-Bowl Pairs — Jack Campbell, J Madden; (Runners-up: A Airth, G Clement)

Top Three — G Warnock, A Crighton, K Haslam

Two-Bowl Triples — F Watt, K Stevenson, G Hepburn

Club Triples — D Stevenson, J Reid, G Hepburn; (Runners-up: A Clement, M Keenan, M Kerr)

Aggregate Wapinschaw — J Reid; (Runner-up: D Stevenson)

Club Fours — A Crighton, D Stevenson, R Swankie, K Haslam; (Runners-up: Jim Campbell, D Sykes, R Grant, L McDowall)

Highest-Up League Rink — A Crighton, G Hepburn, J Madden, G Gormley, K Haslam

The club also achieved success in Greenock and District Championships with A Crighton, I Love and G Paterick winning the Triples and J McNeil, D Stevenson, L McDowall and G Clement winning the Senior Fours, as well as in the Renfrewshire Championships, with J Reid, J MacVicar, R Bruce and G Greenway winning the Senior Fours.

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