BLACK-Belt Grading For Tae Kwon-Do Students

30 November, 2023 | Local

From left, Adam Engelby, Liam Laughlan, Gillian Collins, Jaxon Boyle, Thomas Collins, Master Charles Boyle, Kirsty Gough, Logan Boyle, Gillian Boyle, Jason Cox and Abigal Pollock.

INVERCLYDE Cho’s Tae Kwon-Do school held its annual black-belt grading at its new base at Grieve Road Community Hall, Greenock.

The grading was overseen by Master Charles Boyle, 7th degree black-belt and academy chief instructor, and Kirsty Gough, 5th Degree head instructor at AIMAA (Action International Martial Arts Association) Blantyre, Lesmahagow and Coalburn.

Seven students graded for black-belt, from 5th degree to 1st degree, and all were successful.

The students have been training intensely since January and have also undertaken three pre-gradings in the two months leading up to the grading, all to prepare themselves for the gruelling three-and-a-half-hour final test.

Students also had to undertake a teaching schedule to enable them to enter the black-belt ranks within AIMAA.

All students were on the floor for about three hours with only short breaks from time to time to take on fluids.

They were also tested on their knowledge of tae kwon-do and had to submit a 500-word essay which was then passed to Grandmaster Hee Il Cho, 9th degree and president and founder of AIMAA, who had the final say on whether or not the students had passed.

Student promoted were:

Gillian Boyle, to 5th degree,

Logan Boyle, Thomas Collins and Gillian Collins, to 3rd degree,

Adam Engleby, to 2nd degree,

Liam Laughlan and Jaxon Boyle, to 1st degree.

Those interested in learning traditional tae kwon-do can contact Master Boyle on 07901828863 or visit Classes are held from age six years, Tuesday and Thursday nights.

Master Boyle thanks sponsors Sweeney Law, Robert Kerr Partnership and West Courts.

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