BID To Overturn West End Flats Refusal Fails

3 August, 2022 | Local, Planning

AN appeal against refusal of a proposed four-storey residential development in the West End of Greenock has failed.

The application was for a new block beside tenements at Kelly Street, near Union Street. It was to have had four one-bedroom flats.

How the development was expected to look

The ground involved was described as being private with no public access or amenity value.

Inverclyde Council officials refused permission in December, but the applicant appealed. Councillors on Inverclyde’s local review body today voted 4:2 in favour of the original decision by planners to reject the proposal.

The planning department was opposed to the application because it felt that the design approach and use of materials “failed to preserve or enhance” the Greenock West End Conservation Area.

Their report further argued that developing the original rear grounds of the listed building fronting Union Street would be to its detriment.

Other reasons for refusal included concerns over window-to-window privacy and lack of off-street parking.

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