BATTERY Energy Facility Proposed For Spango Valley Site

3 May, 2021 | Local, Planning

PLANS have been drawn up for development of a battery energy storage system at a Greenock farm.

The facility beside the A78 at Dunrod Road would consist of containers containing batteries, associated equipment, an access track, electricity meter building, fencing and new planting.

It would be on land that is part of Chrisswell Farm and would have a generating capacity of just under 50 megawatts.

Details regarding the project are included in a document submitted to Inverclyde Council as part of procedures to assess environmental impact before a planning application is made.

A statement lodged with planning officials explains: “The site has been chosen due to being close to the Spango Valley National Grid substation, being low ground with limited prominence and outward visibility, being well away from towns and homes, being farmland not subject to designations or ecological sensitivities, and not host to cultural heritage remains. Suitable road access is available.

“The boundary treatment of new native trees will act to screen views and allow the development to be absorbed into the existing landscape.”

It continues: “The proposed development is a grid battery energy storage facility with the purpose of taking electricity from the electricity grid at certain times, and providing energy back to the grid at other times.

“The main physical elements would be a series of steel containers housing batteries and energy conversion equipment.

“The compound would be surrounded by fencing with new planting of mixed native broadleaves and conifers around that.

“The containers are expected to be 13 metres by 2.5 metres by 2.6 metres high, placed just above ground level with cooling units situated at low level on their sides.

“The colour is expected to be dark green. A meter building is needed and is expected to be 13 metres by six metres by 3.2 metres high.”

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