WHEELS Of Progress Set To Turn Slowly On Gourock One-Way Petition

22 February, 2021 | Local

COUNCIL officials say it would be three years before a busy Gourock road could be switched to one-way traffic.

It’s already nearly a year since a petition was submitted to Inverclyde Council asking for Kirn Drive to be made one-way, running east to west. The road is not very wide and has on-street parking.

But a report updating councillors states: “Prior to making recommendations in respect of limiting Kirn Drive to one-way operation, a full traffic study is required to consider the impact on surrounding streets.

“Traffic surveys cannot be carried out at present as normal traffic volumes and distribution are affected by covid restrictions.

“Officers propose to carry out surveys in later in 2021 at a time when normal life has resumed.”

The report continued: “Officers propose to draft options for consideration following the conclusion of traffic surveys. These would be subject to consultation in 2022 and, if there is support for a particular option, the scheme will be designed in detail and cost estimates prepared.

“A traffic regulation order would be necessary for the introduction of a one-way system and we consider that this would commence in late 2022. If there are objections to the preferred scheme, and this is considered likely in view of the disparity of views expressed to date, a traffic regulation order will not be concluded until 2024.

“In view of all these factors, it is very unlikely that implementation will happen before 2024.”

A comprehensive study and consultation was carried out in 2015 into five traffic management options involving one-way systems for Kirn Drive but no agreement could be reached.

The council then set aside £200,000 for passing places, as part of a proposal to sell land for housing, but that also did not go ahead.

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