Inverclyde Now Logo VEHICLE Seized From Anti-Social Driver At Supermarket

23 September, 2020 | Local

POLICE seized a vehicle being driven in an anti-social manner in a Greenock supermarket car park.

Officer were at Tesco in Dalrymple Street just before midnight regarding an unrelated matter when they were informed about the nuisance driver.

After investigation, the car was taken from the owner under anti-social behaviour legislation because the driver had already been issued with a warning within the past 12 months.

Police have been targeting the problem which includes excessive engine revving, speeding, hard braking and tyre screeching.

Sergeant Jason Logsdon said: “We are appealing to these drivers to think about the people they are affecting and act responsibly or we will take the strongest possible action.

“Police will continue to target the individuals who continue to cause these issues in our community and we are encouraging people to report issues as they occur, take note of vehicle registrations and, if any CCTV, dashcam or mobile footage exists, we can use this to invoke the anti-social behaviour legislation.”

Incidents can be reported to police on 101, community wardens on 0800 01 317 01 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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