THEFT Of Charity Cash From Garden Centre Is ‘Lowest Of Low’

19 January, 2021 | Local

AROUND a dozen charity collection tins, containing several hundred pounds, were stolen from Cardwell Garden Centre.

The break-in happened at the Cloch Road premises around 1.30am on 11 January.

Cardwell Garden Centre director, Kieran Gallagher said: “It’s bad enough when someone breaks into your premises, but it’s the lowest of the low when it’s to steal cash that’s been donated to charity.

“About a dozen charity collection tins were stolen and although we don’t know exactly how much money was in these tins, it would amount to a few hundred pounds

“Cardwell regularly collects and donates money to good causes, like Ardgowan Hospice, and the money in these collection tins was to help people less fortunate than ourselves.

“Once the coronavirus restrictions are eased and we are allowed to re-open, we will organise a special fundraising event to make up for the money that was stolen.

“To deprive charities of these donations is despicable. I urge anyone who has information about this break-in to contact the police by dialling 101 or contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111, quoting incident number KC01560121.”

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