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12 February, 2020 | Other Sports

INVERCLYDE Cho’s Tae Kwon Do Scotland held its annual club and competition awards..

Twenty-seven students took part at the club’s studio at the Kerr Hall, George Square, Greenock.

Winning students for Patterns were:

1st Place: Sean Bryceland, Leah Farnham, Jay Cox, Ryley Rosbothom, Thomas-Paul Williamson, Liam Laughlan, Owen Harvey, Gillian Collins and Stephanie Turner.

2nd Place: Keegan Laverty, Keira Kane, Layton Murray, Max Stein, Declan McGhee, Brandon Matznick, Abigail Pollock, Carolyn Pollock and Jason Harvey.

3rd Place: Logan Mitchell, Morgan Malloy, Noah Laverty, Jaxon Boyle, Adam Engleby, Thomas Collins and Jason Cox.

Winning students for Sparring were:

1st Place: Jay Cox, Leah Farnham, Sean Bryceland, Layton Murray, Noah Laverty, Teighan Collins, Owen Harvey, Stephanie Turner, Thomas Collins, Gillian Collins and Jason Cox.

2nd Place: Morgan Malloy, Keira Kane, Kennan Laverty, Ryley Rosbothom, Max Stein, Darcy Frizzel, Liam Laughlan, Carolyn Pollock, Abigail Pollock, Jason Harvey and Gillian Collins.

3rd Place: Logan Mitchell, Thomas-Paul Williamson, Brandon Matznick

Students of the Year:  Sean Bryceland, Brandon Matznick and Stephanie Turner.

Most Promising Students: Keegan Laverty, Thomas-Paul Williamson and Carolyn Pollock.

Competitors of the Year:

1st Place students: Max Stein, Noah Laverty, Jessica Foley, Abigail Pollock, Jason Harvey, Gillian Collins and Jason Cox.

2nd Place students: Sean Bryceland, Leah Farnham, Erenn Larkin, Adam Engleby, Thomas Collins, Stephanie Turner and Jamie McKenna.

3rd Place students: Morgan Malloy, Liam Laughlan, Teighan Collins, Brandon Matznick, Owen Harvey, Rebecca Foley and Arlene McIlwee.

Master Charles Boyle and his wife Gillian are noe getting students and the club ready for their 5th A.I.M.A.A. (Action International Martial Arts Association) Scotland Open Tae Kwon Do Championships, on the 19 April at Notre Dame High School, Greenock, PA16 9BJ. with fighters from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales due to attend.

The club thank Gus McFarlane from Arc Vehicle Rental, Greenock, and Michael McGranaghan from Quintin Tannock & Co.Ltd for sponsorship.

Anyone interested in joining Inverclyde Cho’s Tae Kwon-Do can log on to or contact Master Charles Boyle on 07901 828863 or Gillian Boyle on 07908 715883 or call in at the training facility at 11A George Square, Greenock. Classes are offered to students from the age of 3½ upwards every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A free trial week of classes is available.

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