SUSPECTED Drink-Driver Allegedly Tried To Punch And Bite Police

20 October, 2021 | Local

AN allegedly intoxicated motorist is accused of attempting to assault police officers during an incident in Port Glasgow town centre.

Inverclyde police responded to a report of a suspected drunk driver on Princes Street around 9 o’clock last night.

Sergeant Jaosn Logsdon said: “Officers attended immediately and traced an intoxicated male [allegedly] shouting and swearing, challenging community wardens to a fight.”

On being arrested the male was said to be highly aggressive, trying to punch and bite officers, and had to be restrained.

As a result a 26-year-old was charged with assault, breach of the peace and road traffic offences and is scheduled to appear at court on a later date.

Community Inspector Andrew Durk said: “This is another unacceptable incident which could have been catastrophic if this driver wasn’t stopped.

“Being assaulted for doing your job it unacceptable and is quite simply not part of the job.

“I would like to re-emphasis that it’s unacceptable and irresponsible for anyone to drive whilst intoxicated — please don’t do it or you will be arrested.

“If you suspect someone is driving while intoxicated please contact police immediately.”

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