STRAPP Leaves Morton And Heads To Finland

26 June, 2024 | Local, Morton

MORTON defender Lewis Strapp has signed for Seinäjoki Football Club in Finland.

He will be with the SJK for the rest of their season, with an option for 2025. Strapp (24) played more than 160 games for Morton.

Strapp, from Dunoon, told his new club’s website: “I’m surprised by the level of football here. Back home, people were wondering why I would go here. I was really amazed at how technically good the players here are. In Scotland, the game is a bit more aggressive and rough. The game here is much more systematic and tactical, and I’m going to improve on that myself.

“I’m looking forward to getting into the team and the club and the Finnish culture. It’s pretty quiet here, but so is my hometown, so that’s fine with me.”

Head coach Stevie Grieve said: “Lewis performed well during his test period here. He’s a really tough player because he’s played in a challenging league in Scotland. He has a lot of experience and is very strong and competitive, and he has a good sense of the situation.”

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