TAE Kwon-Do -- Inverclyde Club Holds Competition

INVERCLYDE Cho's Tae Kwon-Do Scotland held its second club competition.

The event took place at its studio at 11A George Square, Greenock. The club hold events like this twice a year so that students can get a taste of competing in patterns and sparring at a lower level before going on to the bigger competitions.

Thirty students took part and Master Charles Boyle and his wife Gillian, who run the school, thank everyone who took part, senior students Ross Derrick, Jason Cox, Logan Boyle, Leah McCallum, Gillian Collins and Christopher Laird for helping, as well as parents and grand parents for going along to support.

Master Boyle said: "Every student is a winner in our eyes for just standing on the mats and taking the big step to take part. Everyone received a trophy and the winners received an extra certificate for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place."

Winning students for Patterns:

1st: Noah Laverty, Arran Duffy, Robbie Miller, Aileigh Mearns, Adam Engleby, Rebecca Foley, Leah McCallum, Chris Laird and Ross Derrick.

2nd: Max Stein, Riley Windmill, Declan McGhee, Payton McKenzie, Luke Stewart, Aiden Bradley, Logan Boyle, Gillian Collins and Jason Cox.

3rd: Gabriel Broadley, Sophie Duffy, Ryan MacBain, Liam Laughlan, Abigail Pollock, Morgan Connon and Aidan Guiller.

Winning students for Points Sparring:

1st: Max Stein, Ryan MacBain, Teighan Collins, Leah McCallum, Declan McGhee, Adan Engleby, Logan Boyle and Ross Derrick.

2nd: Sophie Duffy, Noah Laverty, Morgan Connon, Abigail Pollock, Micky Broadley, Aidan Guiller, Thomas Collins and Jason Cox.

3rd: Riley Windmill, Gabriel Broadley, Payton McKenzie, Rebecca Foley, Robbie Miller, Liam Laughlan, Aiden Bradley and Chris Laird.

Winning Students for Continuous Sparring:

1st: Max Stein, Arran Duffy, Teighan Collins, Leah McCallum, Declan McGhee, Adam Engleby, Logan Boyle and Ross Derrick.

2nd: Riley Windmill, Noah Laverty, Morgan Connon, Rebecca Foley, Micky Broadhill, Aidan Guiller, Aiden Bradley and Jason Cox.

3rd: Sophie Duffy, Ryan MacBain, Liam Laughlan, Abigail Pollock, Robbie Miller, Thomas Collins and Chris Laird.

Master and Mrs Boyle thank parents Angela Rowe, Craig McCallum, Gillian Bradley and Julie Laughlan for their continued support over the years at these events.

Inverclyde Cho's Tae Kwon Do has classes for all ages from 3½ upwards every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with a free trial week of classes available. More information is available at www.inverclyde-taekwondo.com.

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