AMERICAN Football -- Inverclyde Goliaths Earn Victory Against Highland Stags

INVERCLYDE'S senior American football team, the Goliaths, played their second competitive match, an away fixture against Highland Stags.  |  Read more

INVERCLYDE'S senior American football team, the Goliaths, played their second competitive match, an away fixture against Highland Stags, as the team continue on their affiliate season with a view to entering the British American Football National League.

The five-hour bus journey to Invergordon did not hamper the squad which ran out 26-12 winners, with a mix of experienced and rookie players making a clear statement that they will be competitive if their bid to enter the league is successful.

The team's first drive was slow and steady, with a mix of run and passing plays. The team were successful in moving the ball with almost every try, with strong running from Brian “Bud” McFerren and Scott Little.  The Stags' defence, keying on the aforementioned running duo, bit hard on a designed fake run with the quarterback Ruaraidh “Rouza” MacDonald bootlegging left to take the ball home for the opening touchdown, untouched to the endzone. The ensuing two-point conversion was unsuccessful leaving the score at 6-0.

On their first offensive play, the Stags' running back was injured as a result of a block. This led to a 30-minute delay, giving both teams some additional time to make early tweaks to their games. The next scoring play came from the Stags, as they ran the ball to the endzone to bring the score to 6-6 with a field conversion.

As the Stags kicked off to the Goliaths, they made a grave error in sending the ball in the direction of Brian “Bud” McFerren, who easily ran by The Stags' kick-off team, taking the ball 80 yards for the touchdown. Chrissy Lang took the hand-off on the two-point conversion and ran over The Stags' defence making a dive for the endzone where he successfully converted the score.

A number of turnovers and penalties later, The Stags again made the mistake of punting the ball to the danger man Brian “Bud” McFerren who returned the ball close to The Stags' red zone. Some plays later, on a toss play to the right of the field, the ball was in the endzone for another touchdown to Brian “Bud” McFerren. The extra point try was unsuccessful resulting in a 20-6 score line.

The Stags were unsuccessful in their quarterback attempts to move the ball downfield, turning the ball over to the Goliaths. The Goliaths were rotating their players with back-up quarterback Fabio Marturano taking the reigns. A read-option play saw him keeping the ball and running past The Stags' defence to take the ball for another touchdown. Again the extra point try was unsuccessful so the score was 26-6.

As time was running out, and the Goliaths continued to rotate their squad, The Stags were successful in a long run play which went 65 yards to the endzone. There was no extra point leaving the score at 26-12 at the final whistle.

Most Valuable Players: Defensive -– Chrissy Lang; Offensive -– Brian “Bud” McFerren; Team -– Kevin Gray

This was a fantastic second win for the Goliaths with a lot of learning taken from the game. The next match is against the Dundee Hurricanes, at home on Saturday 11 November, at 1pm, with further games at home to Highland Stags on 18 November at 1pm and at home to Glasgow Tigers on 25 November at 1pm. Home games are at Greenock Wanderers Rugby Club.

Inverclyde American Football Community Club continues to recruit players for both Goliaths (18-plus) and junior/youth teams, Inverclyde Phoenix (12 to 18-years-old).

Those interested should go along to practice on Thursdays at 7.30pm at Greenock Wanderers Rugby club, Octavia Terrace, for the senior team, or Sundays from 11.30am for the junior/youth team. The club can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or via Facebook by searching for 'Inverclyde American Football'.

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