PROPOSAL For Land At Greenock ‘Bone Factory’ Site

5 September, 2022 | Business, Local, Planning

A DEMOLITION contractor has bought the former Greenock ‘bone factory’ site as its headquarters.

Caskie Ltd is planning to demolish many of the buildings at the Dellingburn Street/Baker Street premises and has applied to create a waste transfer station.

Documents submitted to the planning department by architects Nicolson McShane state: “Our client recently purchased the site at 21 Dellingburn Street, Greenock. The site is that of the original Poynters works established in 1834 to produce charcoal filters from animal bones.

“Consent is sought for the use of part of the site as a waste transfer station. It currently consists of a series of large sheds and industrial buildings, many of which will be removed.

“The remainder of the site comprises paved access road and yards. It is anticipated that the large industrial shed on the eastern periphery of the site will be retained and that the sorting of waste will take place within this shed.

“Delivered material will be deposited within this building by tipper vehicles; this will be wholly within the site.”

The waste transfer station application site is outlined in red. Adjoining ground, outlined in blue, is also in the ownership of Caskie Ltd. Buildings shaded green are to be demolished.

The statement continues: “Our client owns and operates a demolition contracting business. The site will process and sort building demolition material including concrete, masonry, timber, glass and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

“Inorganic material may be crushed on site for use as an environmentally friendly infill material for construction. These materials are largely inert and are not expected to generate significant risk.

“Hazardous material arising from demolitions (such as asbestos) will be taken elsewhere.”

The throughput of materials will be below 25,000 tonnes a year.

The proposal is pending assessment by Inverclyde Council officials.

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