PROMOTION — Summer Sorted With Salad Boxes, Ice Cream Sundaes And BBQ Bags From All New John’s Joint

19 July, 2021 | Local

ENJOY the good weather even more with ice cream sundaes, pre-cooked barbecue bags and salad boxes from All New John’s Joint, Greenock.

Salad boxes are £3.60 each and come in four varieties — sweet chilli chicken; tuna mayo; ham; and peri peri chicken.

Pre-cooked barbecue bags start from £12.95 which includes four steak slice, four sausages, four 2oz burgers, four 4oz burgers and six buttered rolls.

The go-large option adds two large chicken breasts.

Ice cream sundaes are £4.75 (regular) and £6.75 (large).

Flavours available are white caramel shortcake; rocky road; chocolate fudge brownie; strawberry shortcake; Mars bar; Kit Kat; caramel waffle and cinnamon waffle

Contact All New John’s Joint, Dellingburn Street on 01475 724444 or order via Just Eat

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