POSSIBLE Solution To A8 Flooding Could Take Up To Two Years To Complete

14 January, 2021 | Local

Flooding on the A8 in December 2015

SCOTTISH Water have identified a potential solution to flooding on the A8 at Greenock — but it’s expected the major project would not be completed for at least two years.

Inverclyde Council has been working with Transport Scotland and Scottish Water to look at ways to deal with the long-running problem.

Officials say that short-term measures already implemented have helped.

Flooding on the A8 in December 2015

A report updating councillors states: “The impact and frequency of flooding incidences have reduced significantly from past events to passable lane closures instead of full road closures. This is the result of works completed by Scottish Water and Transport Scotland.”

Scottish Water have completed major upgrade works to the sewer network and have constructed a new combined sewer overflow and bypass facility at High Street and the Bullring Roundabout, Greenock.

This was mainly to reduce the risk of flooding at the Oak Mall, but also created additional capacity in the sewer network to reduce the surcharging from the sewers at A8 East Hamilton Street.

Transport Scotland have completed extensive survey and investigation works to the roads drainage network system and have carried out additional maintenance works to the carrier pipes and gullies between Sinclair Street and Pottery Street. These measures have improved the overall drainage network and conditions at Lady Burn.

The report continues: “Transport Scotland and Scottish Water are currently working on measures that will further reduce flooding incidences.

“These measures will take significant planning and investment from Transport Scotland and Scottish Water to understand the complex nature of the flooding and also design and install a solution that will reduce these events.”

During site investigation, Transport Scotland found that the carrier pipe to the gullies at the old railway bridge have been damaged.

A short-term pipe bypass solution is being looked at that will assist with flooding on the westbound inside lane.

Transport Scotland are also investigating a long-term solution that may involve a new carrier pipe system.

Scottish Water have now identified a preferred to sewer flooding at East Hamilton Street that involve construction of a new combined sewer overflow outfall to the Lady Burn.

The council report states: “This will require large-scale engineering works, as well as significant investment.

“Scottish Water are progressing through the appraisal and approval process which may take a few months to complete. If the proposal is approved, the project, due to scale and complexity of the design and construction methods, may take up to two years to complete on site.

“Scottish Water, given the sensitive location, will require engagement and approvals from SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) for the outfall, and with Transport Scotland and Inverclyde Council for the co-ordination of traffic management arrangements.

“Construction is also likely to require works within private land, so landowner engagement and approval will also be required. Transport Scotland and Inverclyde Council continue to be consulted throughout the process.”

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