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3 February, 2017 | Community Noticeboard

Mr McKenzie in Princes in Port Glasgow town centre where his shop is located

PORT Glasgow butcher Drew McKenzie is standing as an independent candidate at the Inverclyde Council elections in May. 

Mr McKenzie, who is a member of the Port Glasgow Regeneration Forum, will contest Ward 2 in Port Glasgow.

He said: “There is a lot of unfinished business in Port Glasgow that requires to be seen to. It is important that we make Port Glasgow all that it can be. Port Glasgow needs a strong independent voice at this time.’

“I think people are rather fed up with the constant sniping and bickering between the two main political parties locally. It’s time this nonsense ended and everyone’s energy was directed towards achieving things for the good of Inverclyde.

“Until recently I was a member of the SNP and, while I do strongly believe in the people who live and work in our country being able to make their own decisions, this election is not about that – this is about serving Port Glasgow and doing what’s best for our town and what’s best for Inverclyde.”

He continued: “This is a very difficult time for local government. Budgets are being cut and savings will have to made. I will fight for services to be maintained –- it’s all about efficiencies and getting value for money.

“Being an independent councillor means you are not silenced by any party loyalty. I won’t be afraid to say it like it is.

“I am in Princes Street every day of the week. I am well known to the people of Port Glasgow and I am accessible.”

Mr McKenzie in Princes in Port Glasgow town centre where his shop is located

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