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28 September, 2020 | Community Noticeboard

AN update on the development of Inverclyde Community Pantry is being held for interested organisations tomorrow (Tuesday 29 September).

The webinar, hosted by CVS Inverclyde, is open to all third-sector organisations and relevant partners in Inverclyde and runs from 1 to 2.30pm.

Inverclyde Council has received money from the Scottish Government’s pandemic food fund and will use £60,000 from this towards the creation of a pantry which will be delivered by Inverclyde Community Development Trust.

A food pantry is a community owned and operated facility providing access to low and no-cost food.

It is usually run on a co-operative and mutual aid model, so that all members of a community can access it without restriction, and has an additional focus on reducing the environmental impact of food waste.

CVS Inverclyde is keen for all third sector organisations locally to be involved and provide input regarding its creation.

Anyone who would like to join the meeting should email or call 01475 711733.

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