PLANNERS Sink Housing Bid For Former Shipyard Site In Port Glasgow

A SECOND attempt to get approval for housing on an empty piece of ground beside the Clyde at Kingston, Port Glasgow has failed.

Briar Homes wanted planning permission in principle for residential development on former shipyard land off Lithgow Way, near the playpark.

Inverclyde Council planners have refused saying the site is designated as open space "of value to the visual setting" of the Port Glasgow Waterfront Area in the district's proposed Local Development Plan.

They also state that development would erode "part of the wider public vista of the River Clyde".

The council's policy regarding the land at Lithgow Way was recently supported by Scottish Government planning experts appointed to examine the proposed Local Development Plan. They agreed that the site should not be identified for housing.

The Briar Homes application did not state how many houses or what types there would be as it was being submitted simply to see if use of the ground for housing would be permitted.

The company included a copy of Inverclyde Council's 2017 Housing Land Supply document which listed the Kingston Dock site under 'Private Sector with Residential Potential' with capacity for 25 properties.

A previous application five years ago was rejected because, at that time, the land was set aside for commercial use in the masterplan for the area.

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