PLANNERS Refuse Permission For Starbucks Drive-Through In Greenock

INVERCLYDE officials have rejected a plan by Starbucks for a £1million drive-through coffee shop beside the A8 in Greenock.

The development was proposed for a site at Cartsdyke Avenue at Cartsburn, beside the RBS mortgage centre. Council planning officers have now considered the application and refused it.

They say it is contrary to Inverclyde's Local Development Plan. The site is part of a Strategic Economic Investment Location intended for only certain business and industrial uses. It would also mean the loss of high quality landscaping that was included as part of the Enterprise Zone development of the area.

A supporting document submitted to the council by Starbucks stated: "The application is for the development of a brownfield site that has been vacant for some considerable period of time. The site is within the former Inverclyde Enterprise Zone area, and it is understood that it was reserved for some years for extension and/or additional car parking for what is now the RBS office to the north.

"The land was declared as being surplus to requirements by RBS and has then been marketed by multiple parties over a period of at least five years for business and industrial development, but with no interest and/or offers being received for these uses.

"The application is simply seeking the application of a reasonable and ‘flexible planning policy approach…to meet changing market demands’."

Starbucks had said the coffee shop would employ 20 to 30 staff, around half of whom would have been full-time. It would have been open 6am to 11pm, seven days a week, and would have had an outside seating area.

Starbucks can appeal against the decision.

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