PLAN To Use Empty Port Glasgow Flat As A Food Bank Is Rejected

AN application to use an empty Clune Park flat as a base for a food bank has been refused by Inverclyde Council planners.

The plan involved a ground floor property at 29 Robert Street, Port Glasgow. It was proposed that two bedrooms would be used for storage and collection and a third bedroom and the lounge would be used for office and administration. Access was to have been via the existing front door in the common close.

The council received one representation from someone saying there are already two well-established food banks operating in Port Glasgow with a collection point at a local supermarket for a third food bank.

Planning officials refused the application saying it was not compatible with the residential use of the building and would result in a level of noise and activity beyond what would be expected in a block of flats.

They also felt changing the use of an individual site within Clune Park would jeopardise plans for the long-term redevelopment of the rundown estate.

The planning report states that the applicant had not given any information to suggest that there were no other suitable premises available in the area.

No details of the organisation running the food bank were submitted to the council. The application was made by a representative of PGTI of Lower Bouverie Street, Port Glasgow.

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