MCDONALD'S Apply To Build Drive-Through Restaurant In Port Glasgow

MCDONALD'S have applied to build a 160-seat drive-through restaurant in Port Glasgow.

The company want to open the two-storey restaurant in part of the car park at the town's Tesco Extra store.

A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We can confirm that we have submitted a planning application for a new restaurant in Port Glasgow. 

"If approved, the restaurant would create 65 full and part-time jobs and bring significant investment to the local community.”

It would be on a site near the town centre, between the Argylls' Parade walkway and the entrance road, beside the petrol station.

The planning application has been lodged with Inverclyde Council and is pending assessment by officials.

McDonald's say they have no plans to close their Greenock driver-through restaurant.

The Port Glasgow proposal comes just weeks after Burger King opened a drive-through restaurant a few hundred yards away beside the A8.

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