LANDMARK Greenock Marina Building Gets Planning Permission

PLANNERS have approved a £1.25million development at James Watt Dock Marina, Greenock, including a cafe, retail and office units.

The building will provide an operational office for the marina, together with new facilities for customers, and will replace the existing temporary accommodation in the Sugar Sheds.

A bistro café and three retail and office units are incorporated, all enjoying views over James Watt Dock. A 'feature' tower about 30 feet high is part of the structure.

The building will be built on the north side of James Watt Dock, before the bridge to Garvel Island, with work due to be completed by 2020.

Inverclyde planning officials have given the go-ahead for the development saying the design is acceptable, not only in its own right, but also in how it relates to the historic Sugar Sheds nearby.

Geoff Phillips, executive chairman of Marina Projects Ltd, which owns James Watt Marina Limited, said: "The investment in the new building forms part of the ongoing and long-term commitment by Marina Projects to the expansion and development of the James Watt Dock Marina business and ambition of raising the profile of Greenock and Inverclyde within the marine leisure sector."

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