HOUSING Plan For Port Glasgow Gap Site

PLANNING permission is being sought for houses on an "extremely difficult" gap site at Dougliehill Terrace, Port Glasgow.

An application has been lodged for four semi-detached homes, each with four bedrooms.

The site is at the west end of Dougliehill Terrace and is the only undeveloped area of land on the street.  A design document submitted to Inverclyde Council planning department states: "This seems to have been due to commercial viability of previous proposals and the general downturn of the market in 2008.

"The site itself is extremely difficult in terms of gradient and accessibility. We have however had initial discussions with Inverclyde building control and are confident that this solution is both techincally and commercially viable.

"The site layout is made up of two sets of four-bedroom semi-detached units. Effort has been made not to overdevelop the site and, given the density of existing dwellings directly across from the site, this appears to be an appropriate solution.

The units are three-storey with the main living level on the middle floor, similar to the dwellings on either side of the development.

The application is pending assessment by the planning department.

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