COUNCILLORS Approve Bungalow For Injured Inverclyde Firefighter

COUNCILLORS have agreed that a developer can build an extra property at a new housing estate in Gourock -- to provide a specially-adapted bungalow for injured Greenock firefighter Andy Adams.

Inverclyde Planning Board decided that the circumstances justified going against the council's policy on open space provision.

Merchant Homes had applied for permission for an additional home at its 35-house development on the site of the former Kempock House in Kirn Drive. Mr Adams was left paralysed after a wall collapsed on him at a blaze at the former Larkfield Masonic Club in Auchmead Road, Greenock, in August 2016.

Inverclyde planning officers had recommending that councillors reject the application. Their report stated that the proposal "compromises, to an unacceptable extent, the public open space provision in the wider development as it would result in the loss of some consented amenity open space and a significantly-reduced play area."

Members of the board acknowledged that officials had to stick to the regulations in their assessment of the proposal but felt granting the application was the "right thing to do."

In a document submitted to Inverclyde Council's planning department Merchant Homes had stated: "The development proposals for the new bungalow plot at the Kirn Drive Site have arisen through the need to provide a house that is fully fitted out to suit the disability needs of a local fireman, Andrew Adams.

"The search for suitable existing accommodation by local housing departments and welfare groups has yielded no results and Mr Adams and his family are in need of the right accommodation in which to continue with his recuperation and family life."

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