APPROVAL Given For Gas-Fired Electricity Generating Facility

INVERCLYDE Planning Board have approved construction of a small-scale gas-fired energy reserve facility in countryside near Greenock.

It will be built on land east of the B788 Kilmacolm Road, next to Devol Moor Substation, by 2020 Renewables and will have capacity to generate up to 19.9 megawatts of electricity.

The facility will include ten gas generators, each consisting of a containerised turbine unit, inter-cooler equipment and an emission stack. Associated infrastructure will include a control building and a transformer unit.

The equipment will be contained within a secure compound surrounded by a three-metre fence. There will be landscaping to lessen the visual impact of the fence.

It is expected that the plant would only operate for a limited number of hours a week at peak hours on request from the National Grid, for example, to cover when wind farms are not operating efficiently because of calm conditions.

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