UPDATE From Inverclyde And District Boys' Brigade

3rd Gourock Enjoy Magic Show

The 3rd Gourock Anchor Boys enjoyed a great night when Scott the Magician came to visit. The boys and officers were thoroughly entertained with lots of tricks. Some boys became the magician’s assistant and helped perform some of the tricks. Everyone was amazed when Scott made a rabbit appear from nowhere for his final trick.

2nd Gourock’s Night At Hampden

The boys of 2nd Gourock Company once again joined the Tartan Army at Hampden Park on Sunday evening for the World Cup qualifier against Lithuania. The boys were delighted to cheer Scotland on to an important home win and are already looking forward to the next game in June against England. They even found time before the kick-off to have their photograph taken with two fans from Lithuania.

2nd Port Glasgow Drum And Band Competitions

The 2nd  Port Glasgow Band performed at the IMG (Drum Corp Europe) competition at Bellahouston Sports Centre last Saturday and in the same afternoon also took part in the BB Scottish Band Championships at Hutchesons' Grammar School. The band received a standing ovation at the end of their performance at the IMG competition which alone made the event a fantastic experience for the boys. The day was a great opportunity for the band and their supporters as they have never taken on two competitions in the same day before but the locations and times made it possible on this occasion.

At the BB Scottish Band championships, the standard of all bands this year was particularly good and the 2nd Port felt they performed very well. For the first time in many years of trying, the band won the Drill, Deportment, Display and Uniform Trophy and their excellent Mallets section also won a trophy. Although there was no trophy, the Drum Corps were also placed top of their class.

The overall band finished joint 2nd but were awarded 3rd place as the contest rules in the event of a tie say the higher ensemble marking band will take the place.

The boys were a credit to themselves and the 2nd Port Glasgow BB and their parents throughout the day and the support from those who came along was greatly appreciated by the boys and officers of the 2nd Port.

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