UPDATE From Girlguiding Greenock

Fun Glasgow Trip For 4th Gourock Brownies

The 4th Gourock Brownies enjoyed an activity-packed trip to Glasgow Quay where they attended a special sell-out screening of Disney’s new Beauty and the Beast movie exclusively for Girlguiding members. After an early start and a bus journey to Glasgow, they arrived safely at the cinema and joined Rainbows, Brownies and Guides from all around the Glasgow area. 

Every one of the girls was eagerly waiting to see the remake of the famous story and it received high praise from all at 4th Gourock. 

The fun continued with a visit to nearby Hollywood Bowl for a ten-pin bowling competition. 

Three teams of Brownies and leaders competed against each other and the girls put their leaders to shame with their bowling skills. The great trip was rounded off with lunch at Burger King.

Science Activities For Brownies And Guides

To celebrate science week, the 3rd Finnart Rainbows made their own princess potions. The girls made their own bottles and then added all the ingredients into the bottles by themselves.

After saying a magic spell they poured the last ingredient in and enjoyed the potion becoming magical and creating lots of princess sparkle foam.

The 27th Greenock Guides also took part in science week by starting the Science Badge. The girls made lungs out of balloons, bottles and straws to learn how lungs function. The group thank to Kayren, Chloe, Colleen, and Kate for organising this.

Guiding Traditions Games

As part of the Traditions of Guiding Badge, the 27th Greenock Guides took part in a challenge with each patrol making a board game about the history of Guiding. The games produced included innovative takes on classic games like Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly, Snap, Concentration and Ludo as well as many other wonderful patrol inventions. The Guides had a great night inventing and then playing each other's games.

Noisy Brownies

The 27th Greenock Brownies had a go at making their own clapper musical instruments. 

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