RONNIE Cowan Will Seek To Be Inverclyde's MP Again

Ronnie Cowan, centre, celebrating victory in 2015

INVERCLYDE MP Ronnie Cowan has confirmed that he will seek to be re-elected to Westminster in the June General Election.

Mr Cowan released a statement saying he wants to be the SNP's candidate again.

He said: “Almost two years ago I was elected as the Member of Parliament for Inverclyde. 

"Each and every day that I have spent working in this role has been a privilege. 

"My team and I have relished the challenge and opportunity to serve this community and we have done so to the very best of our abilities. 

"It is my intention to seek the candidacy once again for the Inverclyde constituency and be returned as the Member of Parliament on June the 8th.”

Mr Cowan had a majority of 11,000 over Labour at the election in May 2015. He received nearly 25,000 votes ousting Iain McKenzie of Labour who had around 13,500 votes. Three-quarters of the electorate voted.

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