RESIDENTIAL Study Weekend Benefits Inverclyde Academy Pupils

INVERCLYDE Academy pupils enjoyed residential weekends of study together with their subject teachers at Benmore Outdoor Centre, near Dunoon. 

The centre offered tranquil and beautiful surroundings in which the pupils were given the opportunity to focus on their studies and get started with exam preparation.

Forty fourth-year pupils and 28 fifth-year students took part on separate weekends.

The staff of Inverclyde Academy offered their personal time to support their pupils in numerous, structured study sessions across various subjects offered within the school. 

Other highlights were the early morning wake-up walks and social activities in the evenings during which old friendships were cemented and new friendships struck up

The young people gave positive feedback about the new approach to learning, finding the weekend to be highly beneficial and that they were motivated to study by those around them. 

Jillian Allan, PE teacher said: “Our job was made easy because they were so responsive to learning in a new but relaxed environment. 

"During the evening, the pupils were fabulous as they organised their own entertainment playing pool tournaments, card games, table tennis, watching a movie and listening to music together.” 

The whole experience was found to be of huge value to both the staff and pupils, academically and socially.

The weekends were organised by Claire McKendrick of the social subject department who has responsibility within the school for promoting attainment and achievement. 

She said: “This is the second year we have provided this kind of opportunity for our senior pupils. Last year it was just one weekend but this year the response was so large that we had to accommodate pupils in separate weekends.

The school is very grateful to McGill's Buses who covered the entire cost of transferring the children to and from Inverclyde Academy via Western Ferries to their Benmore residence. This kind gesture kept costs down and made the weekend accessible to even more pupils.

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