PROMOTION -- Renovations Unlimited -- Your Local Furniture Clinic

LOCAL furniture restoration service Renovations Unlimited has decades of experience and welcomes enquiries about all types of furniture.

Proprietor Michael Hughan started up the business in Kilmacolm in 1985 after some years of buying old furniture and restoring it as a hobby.

Renovations Unlimited is now based in the West End of Greenock, run from a former commercial garage.

Michael has handled a great variety of furniture over the years and considers the pinnacle of his career to have been the restoration of the two Rennie Mackintosh fireplaces in the Art Club in Glasgow as well as some of the furniture there.

Enquiries are welcome whether furniture requires restoration, repairs or just a good clean and polish.

Further services include the fitting of desk leather and re-caning of Bergere chairs plus cleaning and polishing brass, copper and other metals.

For more information call Michael on 01475 723888 (24 hours).

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