OCEAN Terminal Container Business Expected To Double By 2021

BOSSES at Greenock Ocean Terminal expect container traffic to double in the next five years thanks to the opening of a massive ‘sister’ terminal in Liverpool.

Owners Peel Ports project that Greenock will handle 200,000 TEU (20-foot equivalent units) containers a year by 2021, representing a 100 per cent increase on the current 100,000 units.

Andrew Hemphill, port director with Peel Ports Clydeport said: “The opening of Liverpool2 has transformed the playing field for us, bringing deep-sea connections much closer to Scotland and we are now in a unique position thanks to our Irish Sea hubs. 

"Mega ocean container ships can now call directly into Liverpool, which acts as a feeder hub to us in Greenock, Ireland and Manchester, allowing closer import and export routes to market.

“It is a more commercially viable, sustainable way to move goods around by sea. Our connections will take traffic off of Britain’s already busy motorways and offer a cheaper more environmentally responsible method of transportation. Once news spreads about our new capabilities I expect shipping lines will see our Irish Sea hub as an attractive alternative.”

The terminal currently has feeder services that connect with Southampton, Liverpool, Belfast, Dublin, Bilbao, Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Recent investment of £1.6million in straddle carriers has taken place ahead of the expected increase in business.

Clydeport’s sales strategy will be led by a new sales manager, Gillian Johnson, who has 25 years of experience in the industry. 

| Consultation event in May over new  Ocean Terminal dedicated cruise ship berth

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