NIGHT Of Comedy Plays Returns To The Albany

The cast of Talk Is Cheap, from left, Gill Sullivan, Graham Campbell and Kirsty Campbell. 

G.I.P. Theatre Company, in conjunction with Greenock Players, are staging their annual night of comedy plays at the Albany Theatre, Greenock on Saturday 13 May. 

The three plays last around 30 to 40 minutes each and all feature local actors, directors and writers. 

Organiser David Carswell said: "It's our fifth year in a row at the Albany -- we were literally the first users of the theatre on their opening night so we will be helping them to celebrate their birthday again.

"Stuart and Angela of the Albany have been amazing to deal with over the years and, as a result, we've built the night up, with people enjoying the shows and having a laugh in a laid-back atmosphere, while being able to enjoy a drink."

The plays are:

Parentcraft which is set in a clinic as heavily pregnant women wait for a class to start. 

Groomsnicht covers someone's 'last night of freedom' and is directed by well-known all-round entertainer Jacqui Templeton.

Talk Is Cheap is set in the worst call centre in Scotland on Pepe's first day -- he finds himself in the same team as a Star Wars geek, a hot single mother and an old racist with a foot fetish.

The play is in the middle of a mini-tour that started in the Beacon in February and finishes at the Lounge in Largs on 10 June.

Tickets are available from the Albany in Orangefield Place on 01475 866100.

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