MORE Burial Sites Being Looked At After First Option Proves A Dead End

Port Glasgow Cemetery

INVERCLYDE Council officials have widened their search for more burial space in the area after the first site they looked at for cemetery expansion proved unsuitable.

Knocknairshill, on Kilmacolm Road, Greenock, is the only cemetery in the area which has new lairs available but it cannot be extended. Officials say expansion of an existing cemetery or cemeteries on land already owned by the council is the preferred option and that they have around five years to get a solution in place. 

Land at upper Bow Farm has proved unsuitable for an extension to Greenock Cemetery

Land in upper Bow Farm, next to Greenock Cemetery, has now been investigated but a report to councillors states: "It would not be feasible to expand the cemetery at this location."

The report continues: "A site survey is underway on land adjacent to Port Glasgow Cemetery, and land ownership searches are in progress for parcels of land in Kilmacolm and Inverkip which may be suitable for cemetery expansion or development."

Councillors will be given a full update later in the year.

Around 280 coffin interments are carried out in Inverclyde each year, of which about 100 are in new lairs at Knocknairshill and 180 are in re-opened lairs at all cemeteries -- each lair can usually take up to three coffins.

A view of Knocknairshill Cemetery in 2005

The first phase of development at Knocknairshill started in the early 1990s and the fifth and final phase was completed in 2012, giving a total of 3,400 lairs. Officials say that based on the number of remaining lairs and current rate of use, Knocknairshill has "capacity to meet demand for five years".

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