GOUROCK Bridge Repairs Rescheduled

BRIDGE repairs on a major route through Gourock are being postponed until January.

Inverclyde Council was to have begun seven weeks of work to remove and replace the waterproofing membrane on the railway bridge on Cardwell Road on Monday (15 October).

Three-way traffic lights were going to be used on the busy road.

Environment and regeneration convener Councillor Michael McCormick said: “We have received a number of representations and have agreed to reschedule the works to allow people to better plan ahead.

“These repairs are needed to protect the bridge and increase its lifespan so that more extensive and disruptive work can be avoided and must be completed in this financial year.

“There will be disruption whenever these works are carried out but the simple fact is the repairs are essential and they have to start sometime."

Repairs will also be carried out to the existing concrete bridge deck and new kerbs and pavements installed.

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