FORTY-Six Candidates To Fight Council Elections

FORTY-six candidates have put their names forward to contest the 22 seats on Inverclyde Council in next month's election.

The SNP have fielded the most candidates -- 12 -- and are the only party which could win outright control of the council.

Labour are next with nine candidates. The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats have a candidate in each of the seven wards.

There are 10 independent candidates. There is one UKIP candidate.

The 22 seats are split into seven wards.

The deadline for nominations was this afternoon.

Full List Of Candidates:

Ward One -– Inverclyde East  (elects three councillors)

Jim Boyland, Independent

Christopher Curley, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Stephen McCabe, Scottish Labour Party                                      

Jacci Stoyle, Scottish Liberal Democrats

David Wilson, Scottish Conservative and Unionist                    

Ward Two –- Inverclyde East Central   (elects three councillors)

Robbie Henderson, Scottish Liberal Democrats

Iain D MacLeod, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Jim MacLeod, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Drew McKenzie, Independent

Robert Moran, Scottish Labour Party

Donna Pickett, Scottish National Party (SNP)                              

Ward Three -– Inverclyde Central   (elects three councillors)

Ian Thomas Bryson, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Colin Jackson, Scottish Labour Party

Michael McCormick, Scottish Labour Party

Jim McEleny, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Jayne Peberdy, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Kenny Shepherd, Scottish Liberal Democrats

Ward Four -– Inverclyde North    (elects four councillors)                   

Martin Brennan, Scottish Labour Party

Graeme Brooks, Scottish Conservative and Unionist        

Jim Clocherty, Scottish Labour Party

Philomena Donnachie, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alasdair Higgins, Scottish Liberal Democrats

Eddie McEleny, Independent

Elizabeth Robertson, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Ward Five -– Inverclyde West   (elects three councillors)

Ronald Ahlfeld, Independent

Alan Holliday, Scottish Labour Party

James Kelly, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Christopher William McEleny, Scottish National Party (SNP)      

Lynne Quinn, Independent

Alan Taylor, UKIP

George White, Scottish Liberal Democrats           

Ward Six –- Inverclyde South West    (elects three councillors)

Gerry Dorrian, Scottish Labour Party

J B Houston, Independent

Dominic William Jack, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Innes Nelson, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Alan Nicholson, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Gary Purdon, Independent

Ciano Rebecchi, Scottish Liberal Democrats                                   

Ward Seven – Inverclyde South   (elects three councillors)

John Cooke, Independent

John Crowther, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Anne Duffy, Scottish Liberal Democrats           

Vaughan Jones, Independent

Agnes McAuley, Scottish National Party (SNP)

Maureen McNeil, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Tommy McVey, Independent

Natasha Murphy, Scottish Labour Party

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