FINAL Curtain For Old Greenock Theatre As Demolition Plan Drawn Up

THE former Greenock Arts Guild Theatre is due to be demolished early next year.

The arts and cultural venue closed nearly five years ago when it was replaced by the Beacon Arts Centre at Customhouse Quay. 

The Arts Guild in Campbell Street, formerly the West End swimming baths, served as the main arts venue in Inverclyde for more than 65 years.

A spokesperson for owners Peel Land and Property said has been being used by Thistle Theatre Group but alternative premises have been found for them, as the building is now in a poor condition. 

The statement continued: "It is due for demolition early next year."

“The site has been granted approval for residential development but there are no plans at present to undertake development.”

Inverclyde planning officials approved the principle of residential development on the site in 2013.

They felt the Arts Guild building was a mixture of Victorian and utilitarian styles which brought “little positive architectural contribution” to the Greenock West End Conservation Area. 

Residential development was considered to offer an “opportunity for improvement.”

The final show on the main stage at the venue was in December 2012, the Greenock Players pantomime Cinderella.

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