FAKE News Factory Will Breathe New Life Into Spango Valley, Greenock

GREENOCK is set for a major jobs boost with the opening of a fake news factory at Spango Valley. 

A key part of the facility at the sprawling former IBM complex will be a viral video studio, Inverclyde Now can reveal.

The fake news campus is being set up by media company Alternative Facts Ltd. 

Their spokesman Ewan Fesk said: "Fake news is the fastest growing media market. It is becoming accepted as a major player in terms of revenue and influence. And there's no law against making up interesting stories. We will be operating on an industrial scale for a global market.

"People are grateful for interesting, positive articles and quirky or inspiring videos. Whether these things are true or authentic is increasingly irrelevant -- it's an entertainment business."

Mr Fesk explained that various factors had influenced the decision to locate in Inverclyde. He said: "The Spango Valley site is perfect because it has the office accommodation we need but also because our filming facility will need plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces so that we can shoot viral videos.

"We'll be filming things like people slipping as they jump in a swimming pool -- viewers can't enough videos of people having 'accidents'. There's a street layout so we can set up, for example, a road rage encounter involving a cyclist, all captured on helmet-cam. We will have a state-of-the-art special effects team to add in background scenery to make it look like it happened in London say. The possibilities are endless. (Mr Fesk said the company would be keen to hear from any local pet owner who felt their animal's behaviour would lend itself to featuring in a viral video.)

He added: "Research has shown that the people of Inverclyde have a higher degree of social media literacy than most UK communities. They seem especially proficient at posting on Facebook and monitoring their news feeds. These are skills we can readily exploit."

Mr Fesk continued: "There will also be a fake news academy as we will be taking on apprentices and teaching them the vital skills of the new click-bait media age.

"This will cover things like list compilation -- for example, 'Seven Things You Didn't Know About The Oak Mall'; writing stories with teaser headlines that end with question marks -- for example 'Are There Too Many Coffee Shops In Gourock?'); and we will show them when to deploy reassuring phrases like 'Everything You Need To Know About...'.

He concluded: "We hope to have the fake news factory up and running by 1 April 2018 as the start of April tends to our busiest time of year."

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