COUNCIL Improves Performance Indicator Levels

INVERCLYDE Council has shown a big overall improvement in how it performs compared with other areas.

A report to the authority's policy and resources committee shows more than two thirds of its official performance indicator levels now rank in the top half of all councils in Scotland for cost, service performance and how satisfied people are.

The Society of Local Authority Chief Executives (SOLACE) developed a series of indicators to help councils compare their performance and improve services.

Inverclyde Council reported on 64 indicators that focus on major services areas such as social care and culture and leisure as well as corporate services.

The committee was told almost 68 per cent of indicators were in the top half of all councils in Scotland, a significant increase on the previous year’s figure of 49 per cent.

Among the new indicators being reported for the first time are percentage of procurement spent on local small and medium enterprises and the number of Business Gateway start-ups per 10,000 population.

There was an increase of 3.7 per cent in the amount spent with local businesses taking Inverclyde to sixth out of 32 councils in Scotland. The number of Business Gateway start-ups per 10,000 population increased to 19.2, well above the Scottish average of 16.9.

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