ANTI-Social Tenant Evicted from Greenock Property

A TENANT has been evicted from his River Clyde Homes property in Greenock after numerous complaints from neighbours regarding persistent anti-social behaviour.

Dylan Elliot was evicted from the house in Bawhirley Road today (Monday 20 November). He was not present when Sheriff Officers seized the property.

Following ongoing complaints from neighbours relating to noise nuisance and threatening behaviour, a sheriff agreed to the housing association terminating the tenancy.

Stevie McLachlan, Head of Customer Services (West), at River Clyde Homes said: “River Clyde Homes takes a zero tolerance approach to anti-social behaviour in our properties. Our priority is to ensure our neighbourhoods are safe places to live and we will always support anyone who comes forward to report this kind of behaviour.

"Our customers should never feel helpless when faced with anti-social behaviour and can be reassured that River Clyde Homes will always act in the interests of our valued customers.”

Any River Clyde Homes tenant wanting to report incidents of anti-social behaviour can do so in confidence, at any time of the day or night, on 0800 013 2196.

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