ALL Aboard For Para Handy Show At The Beacon

Stewart Phillips as Para Handy

PARA Handy sets sail at the Beacon in Greenock again with a new show based on the classic nautical tales. 

No Nonsense Productions staged Para Handy: The Wireless Show on Sunday (23 July) in the venue's gallery suite. 

Kevin Jannetts of No Nonsense Productions has adapted six of Neil Munro's original short stories into a 1950s radio play format. He said: "It's been great fun adapting them. The hardest part has been choosing which stories to do.  I've included some of the well-known stories which were featured in the television adaptations."

The cast: Stewart Phillips, Calum McVittie and Kevin Jannetts

The cast was the same as last year with Stewart Phillips playing tug captain Para Handy and Kevin and Calum McVittie playing everyone else. There was live accordion music from Valerie Barr. The show also features live sound effects provided by the cast and the audience. 

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