ALL Aboard For Free Cuppa As Garden Centre Celebrate New Bus Stops

Cardwell’s Julie Gallacher pours a cuppa for bus passenger Kayleigh McCabe as Taylor McDevitt and Gemma Murray wait their turn at the new bus shelter.

A FREE cuppa is just the ticket for visitors travelling by bus to Cardwell Garden Centre, near Gourock.

Bosses are marking the completion of a £200,000 public transport boost that provides passengers with new bus bays and shelters

Anyone who visits the centre’s Patio Restaurant from Friday 17 May until Thursday 24 May and produces a valid bus ticket they used to travel to Cardwell Garden Centre will receive a free cup of tea or filter coffee.

The improvements on Cloch Road -– with the Lunderston Bay beach on one side and the garden centre on the other -– are part of an investment by Strathclyde Partnership for Transport and were carried out by Inverclyde Council.

Julie Gallacher, left, and Kayleigh McCabe

Cardwell’s retail general manager, Paul Carmichael said: “The new bus bays and shelters for passengers are fantastic. This provides a better experience for people using public transport to and from Cardwell and the sandy beach across the road from us at the Lunderston Bay beauty spot.

“Both the beach at Lunderston and the garden centre are top visitor attractions for Inverclyde and anything that encourages people to use public transport has to be welcomed.

“We thought it’s only ‘fare’ that we should mark the creation of the new bus bays and shelters by offering a free cuppa to visitors who use the bus to come to Cardwell.”

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