ACHIEVEMENTS Honoured At Gourock Boys' Brigade Events

BOYS' Brigade units in Gourock held their annual inspections with a number of members receiving important awards.

The 2nd Gourock Company Section's event was held in St John’s Church before inspecting officer the Rev Teri Peterson, invited guests and family and friends.

During an entertaining display, six boys received the Queen's Award -- Nyle Ballantyne, Matthew Barrs, Fraser Calder, Robert Cardy, Ross Kane and Blair Sutherland.

Four lads also attained the President's Badge -- Rhys Gourdie, Fraser Hyde, Niven Lowrie and Adam Sutherland.

The 3rd Gourock Company Section's 110th display and inspection took place in Old Gourock and Ashton Parish Church.

The inspecting officer was former Company officer Glenn Greenway. Two cheques for £714 were presented -- one to Inverclyde Foodbank and the other to MS Scotland. The money was raised during a quiz night held in March.

Three Queen's Badges were presented, to Max MacFarlane, Stevan Rough and Jonnathan Gillespie.

The captain, officers and boys thank everyone who went along and supported the Company.

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